Bitcoin and cryptocurrency affiliate programs are an underutilized form of marketing

3 min readAug 18, 2020


Vaultoro new affiliate program for referrals

Over the past 11 years, Bitcoin has become more widespread and gained better media coverage. Despite those improvements, there is still room left to properly embrace proper marketing tools, as there are various segments that deserve more attention.

And we believe a cryptocurrency and gold affiliate program is a great example of one of those areas.

The Current Bitcoin Marketing Strategy

More often than not, people try to spread the word about Bitcoin through tried and tested methods. Sayings such as “it is digital gold” or “it will replace banks” have become synonymous with cryptocurrencies in general. Eleven years since its creator, however, none of these concepts have effectively come true in a permanent fashion.

As the marketing machine has seemingly stalled a bit, there is a chance that the influx of fresh capital will decrease. Albeit companies such as Grayscale are doing their part to buy up the available Bitcoin supply when the time is right, there is still plenty of work to be done. Driving online revenue in the Bitcoin space has been lackluster, primarily because very few companies — other than exchanges and trading platforms — are doing their part.

This is not despite a lack of tools to drive online revenue, however. It is primarily a matter of getting into the correct mindset to help elevate the industry to a whole new level. With a bigger focus on affiliate and performance marketing, plenty of potential can be unlocked. That potential will likely result in higher revenues, more attention, and broader adoption of cryptocurrencies in general.

Vaultoro Takes a Better Approach

Performance and affiliate marketing are great tools to help any industry grow and evolve. To do so successfully, companies need to shift their attention to ensuring that users feel rewarded for their involvement. More often than not, existing affiliate and performance-based programs offer “chump change” to users, thus not generating a decent inflow of new revenue. Moreover, this approach can lead to affiliates becoming disinterested, as their efforts aren’t justly rewarded.

Vaultoro, on the other hand, is employing an entirely different model. Its core focus on affiliate and performance marketing has proven to be very successful. Moreover, the company holds the title of being one of the oldest and most reputable cryptocurrency exchanges to provide a proper affiliate program.

To keep the momentum rolling, Vaultoro introduced a new gold referral and affiliate program to reward users. By actively promoting Vaultoro, users can earn both gold and Bitcoin if they refer more users. This is a unique offering in the cryptocurrency world, yet it allows referrers to reap the benefits of both worlds alike.

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