Dash is becoming self-aware

2 min readJun 11, 2020


Dash Investment Foundation uses Gold to secure some of its funds

Blockchains are amazing things because they are a decentralized computer program paying people to secure and strengthen the digital organism. As if that’s not weird enough, the popular cryptocurrency DASH was the first of these blockchains to not only pay people to secure itself, but also started a fund where the blockchain would pay human projects that help marketing and make DASH more functional and popular!

DASH started a fund where the blockchain would pay human projects that help marketing and make DASH more functional and popular!

This digital organism has now realized that it’s not efficient enough to simply donate money to good projects that help DASH but that it should invest in projects like a VC would, and take ownership of human businesses! The DASH digital organism has also realized that diversifying into other rare assets like gold is a great way to ride out the crazy volatility that humans add to its token because of speculation.

The DASH organism looking out for its own future with physical gold

This self-perpetuating decentralized organism has instructed the DASH investment fund (DIF) to hedge a 3rd of its DASH holdings in physical Gold bullion (also a rare asset) using Vaultoro.com, the world’s leading Crypto to Gold exchange. The gold can be traded back to DASH at a fair market price, is fully insured, audited and sitting in one of the highest security rated vaults on this planet, located under the Zurich airport so it’s also tax-free!

Now you have a rare decentralized digital organism called DASH backing part of its block reward in Physical gold, to be able to buy shares in human businesses so this Self Aware blockchain can rise in value, become more useable and have more money to invest in its own ecosystem.


So what does this all mean in real terms?

DASH’s master nodes have voted that part of the block reward goes into a legal VC style fund that is contractually mandated back to the blockchain. This fund will invest in startups to gain equity stakes. If they strike gold with a unicorn company then it will benefit the entire DASH community as they will reinvest in projects and also buy DASH coins from the market and publicly burn them to make them rarer.

Do you feel like you are living inside a William Gibson SciFi cypherpunk novel yet?

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