Gold and Bitcoin are not Enemies

2 min readJul 28, 2020


Bitcoin and Gold should be friends… Or at least their supporters should be allies

Too often in the world of Crypto Twitter we hear this narrative of Gold vs Bitcoin. Which is better? Which is wrong?

We say neither. They are both important. Both rare. Both protect us against Fiat failings. And both are available at

Scarcity breeds value.

This is partly a shill post in that we’re pushing our own platform. But it’s much more than that too. It’s a wake up call, a call to arms. We should unite and work together AGAINST a broken financial system of old. Gold and Bitcoin coexist beautifully. It’s Fiat that needs to step aside.

Hodlers and Goldbugs may be two sides of the same coin. Or not. But at least they should be allies.

Common Enemy

We’re tired of seeing energy wasted against each other. Let’s work together using all of our rare, scarce, valuable assets against the system that is “too big to fail” but already did.

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