What Is A Bull Market?

3 min readMar 29, 2021


Cryptocurrency enthusiasts and other market traders often seek out the bull market trend. During this time, it is a lot more straightforward to enter positions and make money relatively quickly. Understanding the concept of a bull market is crucial before committing any funds.

The Broad Bull Market Concept

In financial circles, a bull market often occurs when a specific financial market notes rising prices or is on the verge of seeing prices increase. Analyzing this market trend is often done through technical analysis and chart indicators. It is usually a term associated with stocks and applies to precious metals, bonds, and cryptocurrencies.

As prices continue to rise during a bull market trend for an extended period, there is a good chance the upward momentum will last anywhere from weeks to several years. However, it is crucial to remember all markets go through highs and lows, and every good push will come to an end eventually.

Furthermore, it is essential to understand that a bull market may not always have a specific reason. Markets tend to move in cycles and are not always reliant on news or other external factors for momentum. However, if the market trend is to continue, there needs to be enough reason to keep bringing in new investors and their capital. If nothing is happening, the uptrend will likely run out of steam quickly.

What To Look Out For

To determine whether a bullish trend will occur or not, it is often advisable to look at recent price momentum. Cycles of prices going down by 20% or more will often yield a [temporary] bullish surge to recover lost ground. This number is not a fixed variable but can often serve as a decent indicator to determine if there is any reason to invest in that market.

Furthermore, it is pertinent to look at some of the external factors capable of influencing markets. Global prosperity will often push stocks and bonds to higher prices yet may have the opposite effect for precious metals and cryptocurrencies. For this to happen, there needs to be financial stability, including declining unemployment and healthy corporate profits.

Additionally, there is the ongoing aspect of supply and demand. If demand for cryptocurrencies were to rise, and the supply remains the same or decreases, prices are likely to go up for scarce assets. Such a train of thought applies to stocks, bonds, and precious metals alike.

How To Make Money?

The main objective is to make money during a bull market. That may be a bit more difficult than some people imagine, as it is not always sufficient to buy a market that goes up in value and sell at a later point. If the market has already peaked at that point, there is no guarantee for making money.

Buying an asset and holding it for the long run remains a viable approach for markets with long-term potential. Not all markets fall into this category, though, thus doing some extensive research is always advisable. Bull markets are always subject to [temporary] retractions, which is something to watch out for.




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