What Is A Bull Market?

The Broad Bull Market Concept

In financial circles, a bull market often occurs when a specific financial market notes rising prices or is on the verge of seeing prices increase. Analyzing this market trend is often done through technical analysis and chart indicators. It is usually a term associated with stocks and applies to precious metals, bonds, and cryptocurrencies.

What To Look Out For

To determine whether a bullish trend will occur or not, it is often advisable to look at recent price momentum. Cycles of prices going down by 20% or more will often yield a [temporary] bullish surge to recover lost ground. This number is not a fixed variable but can often serve as a decent indicator to determine if there is any reason to invest in that market.

How To Make Money?

The main objective is to make money during a bull market. That may be a bit more difficult than some people imagine, as it is not always sufficient to buy a market that goes up in value and sell at a later point. If the market has already peaked at that point, there is no guarantee for making money.



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