What Is The Gold-Silver Ratio And How To Use It?

The Gold-Silver Ratio In Action

As the name suggests, this metric depicts the correlation of the value of gold and silver. As gold remains the leading precious metal in this industry, it is a good standard to measure against. Moreover, silver is widely considered to be the “runner-up” for precious metals. Depicting the ratio between these two can often indicate industry sentiment for all precious metals. Both gold and silver are stores of value yet can note substantial price momentum every so often.

When To Act On The Signals

Knowing what the gold-silver ratio is and acting on the signals are two different things. It is pertinent to follow the market trend before committing any money. Even though there are a few “rules” to leverage this metric to one’s advantage, the market can always shift direction quickly.


The gold-silver ratio is a viable metric for those who want to explore precious metal markets. Buying gold and silver to make money quickly requires collecting all of the necessary data and market metrics. When opting for a long-term investment approach, it is equally important to take note of the gold-silver ratio at all times.



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