Making sense of the cryptocurrency lingo being used today is no easy feat. Many terms are thrown around by “people in the know”; it is complex to make sense of everything. Thankfully, there are a few glossaries that can help novices make sense of it all.

The Cryptocurrency Lingo Challenge

For those who are unfamiliar with cryptocurrency terms, the industry can seem rather daunting. A lot of these words and phrases might not make much sense at first. In fact, even to advanced users, they may not make too much sense at first either. …

The ongoing correlation between precious metals can create a viable market sentiment metric. One example is the gold-silver ratio, which indicates where investors can place their bets. Using this metric to one’s full advantage will often provide decent returns.

The Gold-Silver Ratio In Action

As the name suggests, this metric depicts the correlation of the value of gold and silver. As gold remains the leading precious metal in this industry, it is a good standard to measure against. Moreover, silver is widely considered to be the “runner-up” for precious metals. Depicting the ratio between these two can often indicate industry sentiment for all precious metals…

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts and other market traders often seek out the bull market trend. During this time, it is a lot more straightforward to enter positions and make money relatively quickly. Understanding the concept of a bull market is crucial before committing any funds.

The Broad Bull Market Concept

In financial circles, a bull market often occurs when a specific financial market notes rising prices or is on the verge of seeing prices increase. Analyzing this market trend is often done through technical analysis and chart indicators. It is usually a term associated with stocks and applies to precious metals, bonds, and cryptocurrencies.

As prices continue…

The creator of Bitcoin has never made his or her identity public. Satoshi Nakamoto is one of the great enigmas in modern technology. Figuring out this person or group’s real-world identity remains challenging but is also rather futile.

Satoshi Nakamoto Is A Mystery

Ever since Bitcoin was created many years ago, no one has come a step closer to figuring out who made it. All the world has is a pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto, but that is about it. Bitcoin’s creator has remained anonymous all this time, which appears to be a conscious decision. …

Vaultoro new affiliate program for referrals
Vaultoro new affiliate program for referrals

Over the past 11 years, Bitcoin has become more widespread and gained better media coverage. Despite those improvements, there is still room left to properly embrace proper marketing tools, as there are various segments that deserve more attention.

And we believe a cryptocurrency and gold affiliate program is a great example of one of those areas.

The Current Bitcoin Marketing Strategy

More often than not, people try to spread the word about Bitcoin through tried and tested methods. Sayings such as “it is digital gold” or “it will replace banks” have become synonymous with cryptocurrencies in general. …

Gold recently rallied above its all-time high. Bitcoin also ran higher, can both these rare assets keep going up for a while?

Everyone in the mainstream media is using the corona virus pandemic as the reason the financial system is so screwed. But this is not the case. Yes, Governments and central banks are printing trillions in new currency but that’s a failed attempt to delay the upcoming mess.

At the end of the day, the FED, the ECB and other central banks have been doing everything they can to steal money from savers for years.

This is done through… offering negative trading fees for crypto to crypto pairs

Revolutionising Trading Fees

Cryptocurrency exchanges have been heading towards cheaper trading fees for years. I for one don’t trust crypto exchanges with zero trading fees. I want exchanges I use to be profitable and thus secure. I know how much it costs to deal with security and regulation because we have run an exchange for 5 years.

The other thing about Zero trading fees is that markets tend to get distorted. Most zero-fee exchanges wash trade to show fake volume. Zero fees also make it hard for some traders to make money as spreads become un-naturally small.

So how do negative trading fees fix these issues?

Negative trading fees are only for…

Bitcoin and Gold should be friends… Or at least their supporters should be allies

Too often in the world of Crypto Twitter we hear this narrative of Gold vs Bitcoin. Which is better? Which is wrong?

We say neither. They are both important. Both rare. Both protect us against Fiat failings. And both are available at

Dash Investment Foundation uses Gold to secure some of its funds

Blockchains are amazing things because they are a decentralized computer program paying people to secure and strengthen the digital organism. As if that’s not weird enough, the popular cryptocurrency DASH was the first of these blockchains to not only pay people to secure itself, but also started a fund where the blockchain would pay human projects that help marketing and make DASH more functional and popular!

DASH started a fund where the blockchain would pay human projects that help marketing and make DASH more functional and popular!

This digital organism has now realized that it’s not efficient enough to simply…

We have been operating Bitcoin’s first physical gold order book exchange worldwide for almost 5 years now. Finally, it’s time to give something back to our amazing users!

The pre-launch of the club membership token VAULT is starting today. Before we reach out to the general public there is now the unique chance to get lots of VAULT tokens easily and in a very uncomplicated way.

From August 15th to September 4th, VAULT will be exclusively available for members of our referral program.

Sign-in to Vaultoro, go to the “Referral” section, claim your unique link and start receiving the first-ever…


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